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My writing and filmmaking has won awards both in the UK and Internationally.

I had the privilege of spending most of my summers growing up in the heart of Devon. Here, I was able to explore a bounty of isolated habitats and wildlife... but at heart, I'm an Essex lad. Going from the countryside to growing up in the largest city in Essex definitely posed a challenge when finding new places to engage with wildlife. However, having the opportunity to engage with both people in the city and the countryside has allowed me to craft the way I communicate wildlife conservation. It's allowed me to find new avenues of expressing the importance of staying connected to our natural world.

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Adobe Premiere Pro| Davinci Resolve
The software listed I have had 5+ years of experience with and continue to learn new iterations of said software.

& Directing

Naturally, I have found a passion for filmmaking, it's one of the easiest ways to bring wildlife to people. Although it may not be as powerful as having people directly engage with wildlife, it can certainly inspire people to get off their couches, connect with wildlife and therefore protect it. Before I even picked up a camera I found the process of video editing fascinating. The canvas to where a story is waiting to be told.

I've had the great good fortune to meet many excellent wildlife videographers whilst working in conservation. This led to a number of collaborations, especially when it came to content for NGOs, some sequences even used by broadcasters like the BBC.

It wasn't long until I started mastering the other components that make a complete film like writing and eventually presenting.

I now regard filmmaking as my main medium to try and inspire people to engage with wildlife. I think film and storytelling is one of the most powerful methods of communication.

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I'm very lucky to have travelled and worked around the world but I am currently based in Bristol.

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