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Lost Along The Line is the groundbreaking directorial debut from environmental activists turned filmmakers, which exposes the challenging truth at the heart of the UK's "most sustainable infrastructure project ever"


WHat Do I DO?

The natural world is outstanding! Forests, mountains or cities, there's always a story to be told. There's always incredible people to tell these stories too, people that work hard to protect, conserve and fight for the natural world. There are also many that haven't had the great good fortune to be able to engage with the natural world. I see this engagement as a right, a right that's being taken away each and every day. Whether it be due to habitat loss or the privatisation of our land.... It's my endeavour to learn about the natural world, fight for it and share its beauty with everyone I can.

My main medium for sharing the brilliance of that natural world is filmmaking. I think film and storytelling is one of the most powerful methods of communication. Bringing people together is also key. Through mass movement we can make the change that's needed more than ever.

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